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Financial Capacity and Governance in South East Asia
(with N. Hamilton-Hart)

Regional Monetary Cooperation in Post-1997 East Asia

Trade Liberalisation for Development? Who Gains? Who Loses?
(with Rudiger von Arnim )

Trade Theory Status Quo Despite Krugman
(with Rudiger von Arnim )

Unequal Development and World Inequality
What did we really learn from The 1997-98 Debacle?
Will International Trade Liberalization Enhance Economic Development?
(with Rudiger von Arnim )
Pathway through Financial Crisis: Malaysia
Development Economics: Coping with New Chanllenges, Especially Globalization
A new climate of change needed
Doha Development Round and Multilateralism At Risk
Addressing climate chasnge with sustainable development

End Doha by keeping its original promise

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