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The New Economic Policy and Interethnic Relations in Malaysia

Privatization and Re-Nationalization in Malaysia: A Survey
(with Tan Wooi Syn)

Economic Liberalization and Development in Africa

Development States in the Face of Globalization: South East Asia in ComparativeEast Asian Perspective

Some East Asian Lessons for African Development?

State Intervention, Corporate Governance and Industrial Relation in Malaysia

Imperialism, Globalization and East Asia After September 11

Pathway through Financial Crisis: Malaysia

Obstacles to Implementing Lessons from the 1997-1998 East Asian Crises

Financial Liberalization, Crises and the Role of Capital Controls: The Malaysian Case

Globalization, Export-Oriented Industrialization, Female Emplyoment and Equity in East Asia

Economic Liberalization and Constraints to Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
(with Rudiger Von Arnim)

Causes of the Crises and Obstacles to Implementing Lessons

Mahathir's Economic Policy Legacy

The Struggle for History

Before the Storm: The Impact of Foreign Capital Inflows on theMalaysian Economy, 1966-1996
(with Wong Hwa Kiong)

Capital Management Techniques In Developing Countries: Managing Outflows in Malaysia, India and China
(with Gerald Epstein and Ilene Grabel)

Some East Asian Lessons for African Development
(by Chair, Executive Committee, IDEAs)

Southeast Asian Developmental States in Comparative East Asian Perspective

Malaysia's September 1998 Controls: Background, Context, Impacts, Comparisons, Implications, Lessons

The U.S. and East Asia, Before and After September 11, 2001

Lessons from the 1997–98 East Asian Crises

Technology Policy in Malaysia
(with Greg Felker)

New Approaches to Investment Policy in the ASEAN 4
(with Greg Felker)

Were Malaysia's Capital Controls Effective?

Mahathir's Flawed Economic Policy Legacy

Affirmative Action and Exclusion in Malaysia: Ethnic and Regional Inequalities in a Multicultural Society
(with Wee Chong Hui)

The New Economic Policy and Interethnic Relations in Malaysia


      N.B. This abridged list of Research Papers does not provide other information including consultancy reports, unpublished conference, seminar and working papers, book reviews, articles published in non-academic journals, the popular (including business) press, etc.

Most of this is available on request from me.
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